Announcing The Fiona Jensen Legacy Fund

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2021 Spring Update from Emily Smalley, COO

At Calmer Choice, we have so much to be grateful for as we step out into the sun this spring. Read about our latest news and plans for 2021 from Emily Smalley, COO.

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Programming Updates: Spring 2021

Over the past year, with all of the restrictions and uncertainty, life, at times has seemed to slug along. However, now, amidst the rebirth that spring brings, comes a renewed sense of hope.

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2020 – 2021 Strategic Plan ADDENDUM

As 2020 began, Calmer Choice was poised to successfully complete year 1 of our strategic plan on target. We were on or ahead of plan in many areas, and had good momentum coming into the second half of our fiscal year. Then our world – everyone’s world – changed.

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March Programming Update and Reflection

Today is March 1st. As I take some time to reflect on the start of a new month, I am aware of a variety of thoughts and feelings. As March signals the official start to spring, I am aware that I love this time of year, bearing witness to the unofficial start of the spring season. Witnessing the spring song of the birds, feeling the warmth of the sunlight, and seeing daylight expand well into the late afternoon.

As I experience March’s presence through my senses, I also acknowledge and remember what was present a year ago.

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A Letter and Announcement from CEO Fiona Jensen

"My commitment to this organization is to lean into this leadership of letting go...Guiding the amazing board of directors and staff to build the leadership team that will support and carry this organization into whatever it is meant to be doing for the next decade. Powerfully with courage, integrity, and purpose."

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After 11 Years and Thousands of Lives Changed Forever, Calmer Choice CEO Fiona Jensen Retiring

After nearly 11 years in service to Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts region, Calmer Choice’s CEO, Fiona Jensen, will retire on December 23, 2021. Ms. Jensen leaves behind a legacy of kindness, compassion, and an unparalleled commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of the communities she and Calmer Choice have served.

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Celebrating Ten Years of Calmer Choice

As Calmer Choice celebrates its 10-year anniversary, explore the incredible impact that this groundbreaking organization has made on our community.

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Run the 2021 Falmouth Road Race with team Calmer Choice

Join the Calmer Choice Team for the 49th annual running tentatively scheduled for Sunday, August 15, 2021. We have 10 charity team bib numbers – first come first serve!

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What to Cook During a Pandemic

What started as a fun way to share recipes and stay in touch with others, the “What to Cook During a Pandemic” Facebook group turned into a cookbook and fundraising initiative for Calmer Choice.

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Calmer Choice Welcomes New Board Members

Calmer Choice is pleased to announce new and returning board members for 2021.

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