Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

professional development

To help encourage a thriving culture of mindfulness in our schools, Calmer Choice offers a range of Professional Development opportunities for educators at an individual school or district level.

Individual schools can employ a Mindfulness Circle, led by Calmer Choice, to foster connection and understanding through a shared practice of mindfulness.

Workshops at the district level help educators build their own understanding of the link between Calmer Choice programming and their own content and curriculum requirements, allowing mindfulness practice to take root.

Additionally, customizable 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching services are available as a professional development option, particularly for schools that do not have our programming yet (or are out of our geographic scope).

"Calmer Choice's Professional Development allowed us an opportunity to collaborate on incorporating mindfulness into everyday classroom activities."

The Programs We Offer

  • Practice Support for Teachers & Staff
  • Individualized mindfulness mentorship sessions for educators
  • Workshops, Full and ½-Day Sessions, Trainings
  • Mindfulness Coach

Why Encourage Mindfulness in Professional Development

Seed Connection

Professional development in mindfulness furthers a more direct connection between a school’s curriculum and our programming

Nurture Culture

Frequent in-depth exposure to mindfulness practice will result in a smoother, faster cultural implementation

Grow Understanding

Professional development in mindfulness results in personal growth as well, along with more mindful organizational cultures as a whole

Ready to take advantage of Calmer Choice’s Professional Development?