Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

Seeding A Culture of Mindfulness for Lifelong Wellbeing

How can we teach our children to feel stable and be able to acknowledge the joy that exists in the world despite the uncertainty we all know exists?

These past few challenging years have shown us that more than ever, our children need skills beyond the fundamentals of math and science, and language arts.

Skills, like mindfulness, that they can build like muscles to respond to the emotions that are arising in their bodies in response to scary headlines and anxiety in spaces that we used to take for granted as safe places.

Now is the time for a reconnection to ourselves. Now is the time for a recommitment to the social and emotional health of the youngest in our communities and the adults who support them every day.

Throughout our 12-year history, Calmer Choice has listened to the needs of our school partners and community, and we've responded.

Preparing for the upcoming school year, our response is a new offering that deepens our presence in schools.

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For the first time ever, a Calmer Choice Mindfulness Coach will plant the seeds of resilience and compassion throughout the entire school district with the intent to build more mindful and resilient communities.

This recommitment to children and those who serve them truly aligns us as a resource for schools and parents and reestablishes clarity around the communities we serve. With this renewed focus, we are expanding our programming to cultivate whole educational cultures of mindfulness with the intent of building community and compassion throughout entire districts and communities at large.

Help Us Grow a Culture of Mindfulness

Expanding on the benefits of Calmer Choice curriculum well beyond the classroom, a Calmer Choice Mindfulness Coach is a comprehensive approach to seeding resilience, compassion, and wellbeing into a local school district’s educational culture.

This whole-school integrated offering combines equitable access to our evidence-based curriculum to students with mentorship, training and extended learning opportunities that are adaptable and responsive to the unique needs of teachers, staff, and school community.

Calmer Choice Mindfulness Coach

  • Models Instruction & Curriculum Delivery
  • Educator/Staff Mentorship & Training
  • Job-embedded Professional Development
  • Delivery of Extended Programming
  • District Collaboration
  • Family/Community Outreach
  • Classroom Program/Instructor Coordination

A Calmer Choice Mindfulness Coach provides the dedicated support needed to create a shared vision of mindful school environments and the common tools and skills required to bring that vision into reality.

Here's how your gift today will Support Calmer Choice:

$50 provides supplies for one classroom

$100 delivers our program to one student

$250 sends one teacher through our mindfulness course for educators

$500 supports training our next generation of Mindfulness Coaches

$1,000 provides our evidence-based program to one classroom

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