Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

mindfulness coach

A full-time staff resource that supports educators to extend the Classroom Program, build mindfulness toolkits, and grow mindful school cultures.

A Mindfulness Coach is a dedicated full-time staffing resource that provides your school with the consistent support and expertise required to meaningfully develop the knowledge, skill sets, and tools required to realize educational cultures rooted in mindfulness.

Like any classroom subject, mindfulness is a skill and practice that must be intentionally developed. A Calmer Choice Mindfulness Coach provides the targeted support needed for schools to meaningfully teach students how to integrate mindfulness into their lives. Working side-by-side with educators and staff, the Coach will amplify and extend the Calmer Choice Classroom Program by providing individual and team support to effectively weave mindfulness across subjects and into each classroom.

Schools with access to a Mindfulness Coach can expect greater engagement with the implementation, application of mindfulness programming as well as a greater likelihood of mindfulness being sustainably integrated into the culture of a school.

Why Enlist a Mindfulness Coach from Calmer Choice?

Build interpersonal relationships among staff

Amplify existing mindfulness initiatives

Nurture a school-wide mindfulness culture

Integrate mindfulness into all aspects of classroom teaching

Provide teachers with targeted expertise and coaching

Reduce educator stress, anxiety and burnout

What Teachers are Saying about our Mindfulness Coach
"I often don't even realize that I'm experiencing stress until I sit in with Stephanie for our 15 minutes of calming meditation. I really appreciate all that she does for our students and staff.”

Examples of Mindfulness Coach Work

One-on-one coaching for educators

Delivery of embedded mindfulness-based professional development

Facilitation of staff mindfulness practice opportunities

Parent & community outreach for mindfulness programming

Participation in school/district-level teams (PBIS, coaching cadre, etc)

Coordination and support of Calmer Choice Classroom Program implementation

Bring a Mindfulness Coach to your school!