Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

mindfulness circles

The power of mindfulness in community.

Led by a trained Calmer Choice facilitator, Mindfulness Circles help groups explore mindfulness through guided and silent practice, shared inquiry, and engaged participation. The approach is both simple enough for a beginner and rich enough for the established mindfulness practitioner.

Who can benefit from Mindfulness Circles?

  • Educators/related service providers
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Professional Teams
  • Working Groups

The format of these circles offers space to facilitate connection, foster understanding, and build community through this shared learning and practice of mindfulness. Circles can be adapted for multiple programming schedules as an 8-week program, workshop or full-day immersive experience.

Mindfulness Circles are available for any formal or informal community or parent group, at the corporate level, in an education setting as a professional development opportunity, and more.

Why Implement a Mindfulness Circle with Calmer Choice


The group format encourages both personal and communal growth through shared practice


Mindfulness Circles can be implemented in almost any communal setting, from schools and workplaces to parent groups and community organizations


Shared mindfulness practice leads to better connection, understanding and community that extend well beyond the exercise itself

Mindfulness Circles Pricing

Calmer Choice offers a tiered pricing model that is designed around our customized programming. Tiered pricing aims to provide increased service access to our community. For more information on our pricing and to receive a quote for services, please contact us at 

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