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3-Day Silent Retreat: What If... Opening to Life’s Uncertainties

What if 2022 were the year of a new or renewed mindfulness practice?

What if you met each moment, just as it were, with more kindness, curiosity and care, for the benefit of self and others?

What if you left some room in your heart for the unimaginable? –Mary Oliver

What if we practiced together how to hold the joys and sorrow of the world, our small one, and the world around us, one moment at a time. The only way we ever really can. Now. This sound, this breath, this body, this moment. And the next. What if?


This retreat weekend is an invitation to step out of your daily life and immerse yourself in practice. We encourage participants to commit to silence for the full retreat, and during much of retreat time together.

Sessions will include periods of silent sitting and walking practice, as well as instruction on how to bring mindfulness into the space between sessions and into life, beyond the retreat.

We welcome participants with a range of experiences with mindfulness; however, some basic experience with formal practice may be helpful.

Retreat Cost (per person)

We provide are providing a range of costs to support access to this program. Please select the level appropriate for you:

  • $50 - Requests Calmer Choice for some scholarship
  • $100 - covers basic program cost
  • $150 - supports scholarship for someone in need

If you are currently unable to support the cost, please contact us at to apply for a further reduction.

Retreat Schedule (via Zoom)

Friday, January 7

  • 6-8 pm ET

Saturday, January 8

  • 8-9 am ET
  • 12:30-2 pm ET
  • 7-8 pm ET

Sunday, January 9

  • 8-9am ET
  • 12:30-2pm ET

What to Expect

This is an opportunity practice together. Please plan to give your full attention to all zoom sessions, and we encourage you to maintain silence between zoom sessions as well over the course of the retreat – as best as possible.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Silent Retreat

  • Set up a dedicated space for your formal practice sessions. Clear it of extraneous objects. Turn off cell phones and all other applications and notifications to minimize distraction to self and other.
  • Print out Retreat Schedule and keep in your dedicated space
  • Consider preparing your meals/snacks before the retreat begins to minimize distractions and ensure nourishment!
  • Let other folks in your household know your plans and the schedule, to maximize your experience.
  • Be kind to yourself. Do your best to set yourself up for being present to yourself and together as a community as best as you can. Support for self, support for others. Practice with it all!

This course serves as a prerequisite for the 2022 Calmer Choice Instructor Training. Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible.

Questions? Please contact us at

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