Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

Winter Programming Updates

As we move into hibernation season, I’m reminded about the comfort of a warm cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace. Finding these small comforts in times of angst, uncertainty, and stress provides a bit of respite. Even though the New England weather calls for nature to hibernate, the programming team is continually looking ahead and working to meet the needs of our community. Throughout the fall we offered a full schedule of community classes and have even started working LIVE in schools! Being back in schools with children has really filled our hearts, as we have been unable to connect for so long in this way.

Falmouth Schools has opened its doors to our instructors this fall and it has been wonderful! We are currently teaching in four elementary schools. Starting in February we will be commuting over the bridge to begin work in Middleborough Public Schools, a new district for us. We are looking forward to being back in more districts as COVID restrictions and regulations allow. In the meantime, we have teachers continuing to pilot our recorded content (a gift from COVID) and have some districts interested in implementing the program this school year. Also, in the works are opportunities to work with teens in the upcoming year. Our school programming plate is filling up!

Our 8- week adult class, “Mindfulness: Cultivating Resilience and Well-Being”, was full this fall, and we will offer two more sessions of this course in January and April. Three 8- week courses for educators were offered this fall as well; to teachers in Mashpee, Middleborough and through Dominican University (to teachers from all over the country). We are looking forward to providing this 8-week course to Falmouth Educators in February. Recently, I received a note from a Dominican student sharing her gratitude for the 8-week course:

Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and practice with me. I
 have changed because of our class. It feels like I have (by no fault of my
 own) neglected a huge part of me that is vital to my health and well-being.
 I am grateful!
 Recent Program Participant

Hearing from participants in this way truly supports the work we do and adds to my love of teaching mindfulness to others and encouraging them on their journey.

Our newest offering, a 4-week class entitled "Everyday Mindfulness: The ART of Being Human" is currently underway, with two others being offered in March and June. This has been a fun course to get started as it introduces mindfulness that we can weave into our daily lives- with daily stress, technology use, and in communication with others.

One of our biggest projects this fall is working to re-imagine our instructor training, which will begin in January. We are so excited to be able to create a change in the program that offers participants a way to bring mindfulness into their community- not only through Calmer Choice. This has been a journey in its creation and we are excited to be able to offer the first Phase of this 2-part program to the community. There will be informational sessions about the training on Tuesday, December 7th and Wednesday, January 5th at 6pm to answer questions and give an overview of the program requirements.

Lastly, we have an exciting virtual offering for our community: a mindfulness retreat to start the new year. We encourage individuals who have a practice to join us in a new year virtual 3-day retreat on January 7-9th. This is being offered on a donation basis. We would love to invite you into our community through practice.