Cultivating Awareness. Living Mindfully. Enhancing Resilience. That’s Our Mission.

Calmer Choice Instructor Training

Have you experienced the benefits of a mindfulness practice in your life and ever thought of bringing the gifts of mindfulness to others? If so, the Calmer Choice Instructor Training could be the beginning of this journey.

The Calmer Choice Instructor Training is a 2-part program designed to support you to develop the skills, knowledge and experience needed to effectively teach mindfulness as a tool to support well-being.

Who should take this training?

Anyone interested in bringing mindfulness to the community: teachers, therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, social workers, first responders, or anyone working with children.

Interested but have questions? Attend a free virtual info session to learn more!

Calmer Choice is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to cultivating awareness, living mindfully, and enhancing resilience. Our hope is to live in a world where all people have the skills to cope with the pressures of life in a healthy and effective manner.

This is a two-phase training. Individuals accepted into this program will be required to fully complete phase 1 prior to advancing to phase 2.

Prerequisites for the 2022 Two-Phase Instructor Training

8-week course from Calmer Choice, or MBSR, or equivalent (contact Calmer Choice for equivalent approval)

• Developed personal mindfulness practice, minimum of two years

• Mindfulness retreat (minimum 3 days) by Calmer Choice or another affiliation

If you do not meet these specific requirements and have circumstances that may require an exception, please inquire at

Phase 1: Introduction to Teaching Mindfulness

Phase 1 focuses on learning how to teach the foundations of mindfulness to others, and support students as they develop a mindfulness practice. It provides a broad overview of mindfulness, its historical roots, and trauma-sensitive practices.

There are approximately 70 hours of contact time and a final practicum required to complete this phase. Additional time is required for homework and readings. Participants can expect to spend 10-15 hours/month on class time and coursework.

Phase 1 Course Schedule

Dates Times In-Person/Virtual
January 28 (Fri) 6-9pm In-person
January 29 (Sat) 9a-2p In-person
January 30 (Sun) 9a-2p In-person
February 10 (Thurs) 6-8p Virtual
February 12 (Sat) 9a-2p In-person
March 10 (Thurs) 6-8p Virtual
March 12 (Sat) 9a-2p In-person
April 7 (Thurs) 6-8p Virtual
April 9 (Sat) 9a-2p In-person
May 12(Thurs) 6-8p Virtual
May 14 (Sat) 9a-2p In-person
June 10 (Fri) 6-9p In-person
June 11 (Sat) 9a-2p In-person
June 12 (Sun) 9a-2p In-person

Mentor group and peer group meeting times will be determined by each group.

Course Cost

The total cost for Phase 1 is $1,500 for the entire course plus an approximate materials budget of $150. Scholarships are available.

We will be offering two full scholarships to individuals from traditionally marginalized groups. Please indicate in the scholarship application if you would like to be considered for this scholarship.

Apply to Phase 1

To apply for Phase 1, please fill out the application here, this also includes the scholarship application for those interested.

Phase 2: Calmer Choice Curriculum Training

In Phase 2, participants will meet bi-monthly to become familiar with the Calmer Choice curriculum and how to teach it to children and adults.

In addition to these meetings, students will need to complete full observations of the Calmer Choice curriculum as taught by qualified Calmer Choice instructors.

The final component of Phase 2 is student teaching, in which trainees will teach a full round of the Calmer Choice Curriculum to children in a school setting, or co-teach a community course for adults.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements individuals may:

  • Be hired by Calmer Choice as an instructor.[1]
  • Teach Calmer Choice Curriculum for Children in a school that is under contract with Calmer Choice
  • Teach Calmer Choice Curriculum for Children in a school or organization that is NOT under contract with Calmer Choice.[2]
  • Lead a mindfulness practice group in the community

One Year Supervision

Upon the completion of phase 2 training, any individual who intends to use the Calmer Choice curriculum with children will have one year of supervision from an experienced Calmer Choice instructor.

This year of supervision will consist of:

  • Monthly group support meetings (1.5 hours)
  • Two observations of your teaching with follow up meetings for feedback
  • Access to mentor (via zoom, email, phone) as needed for questions, clarifications, curriculum updates, etc.

Apply to Phase 2

Application details for Phase 2 will be posted soon.

[1] Successful completion of Phase 2 does not guarantee employment by Calmer Choice. Currently Calmer Choice does not offer full-time instructor positions.

[2] Individuals seeking to teach the Calmer Choice curriculum outside of employment by Calmer Choice are required to be under supervision by Calmer Choice for 1 year after the training. Supervision would consist of monthly meetings, access to curriculum updates, and a mentor to observe teaching and contact with questions. This first year of supervision costs $750. After one year, trainees have the option to continue or discontinue supervision. Access to curriculum updates are only available for individuals in supervision. Additionally, individuals who are using the Calmer Choice curriculum outside of any partnership with Calmer Choice are required to sign a non-compete agreement.

COVID Guidelines

At Calmer Choice we are dedicated to keeping everyone who is participating in our programming safe and healthy. While we are making every effort to have portions of our training in person, please know that we will be following guidelines set out by the CDC and State of Massachusetts. We request your cooperation as we do our best to follow current best practices and protocols. We will be requiring all staff and students to be masked when indoors, and we will provide ample space for participants to social distance and keep windows open, as weather allows, for ventilation of meeting spaces. Please be advised that these guidelines are subject to change based on the changing status of the COVID pandemic.

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