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Calmer Choice Instructor Training

The Calmer Choice Instructor Training Program is taught in 3 phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is a pre-requisite and can be taken through our 8-week adult class or Calmer Choice for School Staff class. In this phase, trainees learn how to establish practicing mindfulness in daily life, develop a concrete framework for mindfulness practice and theory, understand and develop core social emotional learning skills, learn practices for empathy and compassion, experience mindful awareness through various forms of practice.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of two parts and is designed for those working in schools, or individuals who want to work for Calmer Choice teaching in schools and community programs.

Part 1 consists of 42 observation hours in a classroom setting. This portion of the training will provide the background and rationale behind the Calmer Choice content and an overview of current research and academic literature supporting the lessons. The classes encompass didactic, experiential exercises and engaged activities. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the conceptual framework of the lessons through personal experience learning and applying the skills and tools the program teaches. Each trainee will be matched with an experienced instructor as mentor/coach to observe in the classroom “live” as well to serve as support during the student teaching process. This phase/part includes monthly required reading and self-reflective assignments.

Phase 2- Part 2 consists of 28 hours of student teaching the Calmer Choice curriculum with a mentor. This Phase 2-Part 2 Student Teaching takes place simultaneously with the Part 1 Comprehensive Instructor Training.

Phase 3 Coming Soon

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