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Valentines' Day Campaign

Creating a #legacyoflove.

That’s just what the Barnstable High Class of 2008 has done by raising funds at their 10 year reunion to support Calmer Choice. And now, this Valentine’s Day, we ask you to honor their #legacyoflove by helping match their gift dollar for dollar in solidarity for our vision of creating a world where people lead lives of kindness and compassion toward themselves and others. A graduate of the Class of 2008, now a PhD student in clinical psychology, said it best:

“Calmer Choice is an organization near and dear to the Class of 2008. We have lost several members of our class to mental health related issues and have all experienced the devastating ripple effect that trauma and loss can have on an entire community. During a very sad and hopeless time, Calmer Choice provided hope and reassurance that the adults in our community cared and wanted to help. Now that we are adults ourselves, I think so many of our graduating class feel a desire to give back in hope that today’s Cape youth will never have to go through what we went through. Calmer Choice’s mission not only contributes to preventing risky behaviors and mental illness, but also arms young people with tools to face the inevitable challenges of life. These are tools that should be taught in every school and provided to every child. As a secular, accessible, and inclusive organization, Calmer Choice meets the needs of our increasingly diverse community - which was important when choosing a non-profit for a group donation. As a current mental health professional, I appreciate that Calmer Choice’s services are supported by research and the best clinical practices available. If anything positive has come from the terrible heartbreak that Cape Cod has endured over the years, it is Calmer Choice.”

Honor of the Class of Barnstable High’s #legacyoflove by donating to Calmer Choice this Valentine’s Day!

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