Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

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Teaching mindfulness: the privilege of positive impact.

The work and mission of Calmer Choice are made possible by our team of vetted and skilled instructors. We offer thorough training to grow our team and our reach in even more schools across Cape Cod.

The Instructor training immerses individuals in our innovative research-based curriculum for teaching mindfulness to children ages Kindergarten through fifth grade. This multifaceted training includes opportunities for classroom observation, curriculum study, peer feedback and supported teaching.

Expected outcomes from our training include:

  • The ability to define evidence-based mindfulness and speak to how this definition applies to the Calmer Choice curriculum
  • Articulation of the core skills and benefits of Calmer Choice’s evidence-based mindfulness approach
  • Effective delivery of all 16 lessons of the Calmer Choice curriculum to an age-appropriate audience
  • A sense of welcome within the Calmer Choice community as a valued team member
  • And much more…
“I am so lucky I have this job. I see the benefits and the appreciation every time I walk into the classroom. They are so glad we are there.”
Poppy Kennedy, Instructor

Why Become a Calmer Choice Instructor

Our research-backed curriculum is proven to positively impact children and their mental health

Teaching mindfulness to children builds a stronger community, and ultimately, a brighter future for all

Our training strengthens your personal mindfulness practice outside the classroom

The Role of an Instructor

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