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Curiosity and Mindfulness

One of my favorite parts of mindfulness is curiosity.

Curiosity flows from letting go of all judgment.

It allows for a positive flow of energy.

It is how you feel anticipating or experiencing things like — watching something work after you put batteries in, waiting to see the clean toothpick come out of a freshly baked cake, being on your tenth mile of biking and seeing the bunny sitting up and looking around, dipping your toes in the ocean in anticipation of the temperature.

It is exploring and wondering and anticipating with an open heart and mind. It allows for serendipitous moments to happen.

Being open to possibilities is perhaps my favorite part of the mindfulness process.

And that is all mindfulness is — a process.

It’s not an endpoint. It allows for countless possibilities if we remain open and curious. It’s freeing. It’s expansive. It allows for growth and for new insights and beginnings.

Engaging in mindfulness may be the most important gift we can give ourselves during this time of a pandemic. Otherwise, we would be wishing away the moments. Hoping for an “endpoint.”

But by opening up our hearts and minds, we shift our focus.

I often engage in this process and ask my clients to do the same:

  • What is happening?
    The Answer is This.
  • When is it happening?
    The Answer is Now.
  • Where is it happening?
    The Answer is Here.

Be curious. Stray from judgment.

If impatience occurs and often this is inevitable, meet that too with curiosity.

Allow and explore it.

Be engaged in the present moment with all of its sights and sounds and smells — even tastes.

Let’s keep being curious — every. single. moment…