Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

Business Alliance Partner: Shepley Wood Products

In this interview, we with speak with Business Alliance Partner Tony Shepley of Shepley Wood Products.

How did you first learn about Calmer Choice?

I’ll never forget sitting in the ocean, trying to cool off on a hot summer day off Craigville Beach about 12 years ago, listening to Betsy Bowes describe Calmer Choice, how it started, and where it was headed. My wife, Lorraine and I loved the idea. Betsy’s passion was obvious and contagious, too.

What are three qualities you think kids need to be successful in life?

Kids need to feel safe, secure, and empowered. They need to feel the support of those around them. They will inevitably make mistakes but have to have the sense of self worth and the confidence to keep pushing through their difficulties and to learn from them. We learn how to succeed by what we take away from our failures.

Who was the most important role model for you in your childhood? Why was that individual important to you?

We had several adults, a teacher, an uncle, a friend of my father’s, who all took the time to listen to us and try to teach us. We will never forget how they spent time and effort on a kid who wasn’t their direct charge. They were great role models and each in their own way, as they were all different, yet they were all effective.

What made you decide Shepley Wood should become a Calmer Choice donor?

How could you resist Fiona and Betsy? They are magnetic in their attraction of others like us to the Calmer Choice mission. Their belief is clear. Their commitment is tangible.

What would you say to other businesses to encourage them to donate to organizations like ours?

If you think about the future of our community, you have to think about our kids in school. Anything we can do to help them through the tumultuous years of adolescence is an investment we make in them, as well as our community. Before long these kids will be taking our places, filling our jobs, and raising their own families. As business owners, we should understand the importance of investment and the risks of not making that investment.

"Calmer Choice gives kids important tools they can use not just in adolescence, but for the rest of their lives." Tony Shepley

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