Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts Calmer Choice, non-profit organization in Barnstable, Massachusetts

2021 Spring Update from Emily Smalley, COO

The promise of spring and its rebirth of beauty in the world around us feels more significant this year than ever before. We’ve all been waiting, huddled in our homes, for the time to come to step out and feel the sun and begin again, just like the tulips outside my window.

At Calmer Choice, we have so much to be grateful for as we step out into the sun this spring. We have safely opened our office again for our staff, and get to see the faces of our friends and colleagues live and in person – albeit masked!

We have marked the occasion with a new sign outside, claiming our space in the community once again. We are building and launching new virtual programs this spring for both children and adults, and we are expanding our community partnerships here on the Cape and beyond.

We have an exciting research collaboration with Tufts University starting later this month, which will provide us with invaluable data on our impact and how we can best meet the needs of our community. We are emerging from the shadow of the pandemic with hope, gratitude, and full hearts.

We are also preparing for the next season of life for Calmer Choice as our fearless leader Fiona Jensen begins the transition to retirement over the next seven months.

It is a bittersweet time for Calmer Choice to both honor and celebrate a legendary woman and plan for a future without her physical presence every day – although her vision for Calmer Choice and creating a world of kindness and compassion will carry us forward as we begin the next phase in our lifecycle.

Our incredible Board of Directors is leading the charge to select the next leader of Calmer Choice, and are also actively engaged in the transition internally and externally.

Stay tuned for the wonderful plans to honor Fiona – from fundraising to events to a spectacular going away party – there will be many opportunities for the community to recognize Fiona’s unmatched heart and commitment to Calmer Choice!