Announcing The Fiona Jensen Legacy Fund

8 Week Courses for Educators

Are you an educator who would like to find a way to reduce stress, settle the mind, and increase overall well-being? This may sound like an impossibility, but through developing a mindful awareness practice it can become a reality. Calmer Choice and Dominican University have partnered to offer teachers the opportunity to earn graduate credit for taking our 8-week Mindfulness course for educators.

The course introduces educators to mindfulness through experiential practices, large and small group discussions, movement, and other related activities. Participants should be prepared to engage with other class participants and spend time between classes practicing mindful awareness.

The course will inform your teaching practices as you learn to apply mindful awareness to support self-compassion, emotional regulation, and stress and anxiety reduction. Teachers who learn to increase and enhance their own resilience are better able to model it for their students and school community.

Calmer Choice works with leading institutions like Tufts, Yale, Harvard and MIT to research the efficacy of our programming for both children and adults. Results of these studies show that Calmer Choice programs have positive effects on mental health and well-being.

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