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Year End Giving Appeal

Think about it for a moment: Who among us has not been touched by someone they care deeply about that is struggling with anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges? While much of the medical profession is focused on physical diseases like heart disease and diabetes, America is also in the midst of a less visible, but no less traumatic epidemic.

Even the 4- and 5-year-olds in my kindergarten classroom get anxious. We expect so much from them, and they feel the pressure. By high school and college, many students have run out of steam. Anxiety—the mental-health tsunami of their generation—has caught up with them.” Mary Ellen Flannery From “The Epidemic of Anxiety Among Today’s Students”

Given the tidal wave of anxiety, social isolation, and trauma that seems to impact our children sooner and more dramatically than ever before, it is easy to lose sight of the simple reality that emotional pain, loneliness, and anxiety know no age limits. And as more of us know every year, when emotional stress takes hold of someone we love, it typically takes more than just caring and compassion to help them navigate these challenges.

It is these heartbreaking consequences, happening at epic proportions across the widest range of families and communities, that compelled us to start Calmer Choice nearly ten years ago. We believed then, and we are certain now, that going upstream…impacting the lives of children earlier than ever before…is perhaps the best possible chance we have to do something for the next generation before they are lost to the stress, trauma, and pressures of an ever more complex world. And we also know it’s never too late–our evidence-based prevention programs help the widest range of people, young and old.

Today, Calmer Choice partners with schools and community organizations across Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts to deliver a lowcost mindfulness-based prevention program that equips our community with skills that empower them to increase their inner resilience, reduce the impact of stress, manage emotional responses, learn self-control and increase their sense of well-being. With more than 300 classrooms and 20 community programs operating this year alone and coming on the heels of a recent MIT and Harvard study that validated both the efficacy and importance of our work, now more than ever, Calmer Choice is a real, tangible and invaluable part of the solution.

Thanks to you, and with your support, Calmer Choice has become a thought leader in the area of secular mindfulness in education and is increasingly viewed as a catalyst for creating positive change in school and community climates. By the end of this school year, we expect to reach more than 32,000 young people and community members. For this, I am very grateful!

Join us in making a difference.
Right now. Today.

I invite you to join us at Calmer Choice during our year-end appeal. When you do, you make it clear that you have chosen to help make the world a better place. Your gift of $25 or more will connect you to the power of a community-wide partnership where countless numbers of people will have the best possible chance to achieve their dreams, thanks to you.

The one thing I can absolutely promise you is that your gift to Calmer Choice will change the lives of people who you may never meet, but who will be forever grateful for your generosity. Making a difference isn’t about how much you give. It’s choosing to give that changes lives…

With much gratitude and love as always,

Fiona Jensen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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