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Mindfulness – Cultivating Resilience and Well-Being for ORR School District and Tabor Academy

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An 8-session training based on the Calmer Choice Program. Specifically designed to address the needs of educators, professional support staff (K-12) and others interested in learning about mindful awareness or developing and enhancing a personal mindfulness practice.

The training is composed of foundational experiences in mindful awareness and social-emotional learning, coupled with discussions and self-reflective practice that support greater self-awareness, emotional regulation, compassion, and kindness.

This program serves as a prerequisite for Calmer Choice Instructor Training.

Objectives for Participants

  • Employ self-care techniques to cultivate

    personal and professional resilience.

  • Create effective strategies for relating tochallenging situations.

  • Enhance concentration and executivefunction.



  • February 27 – April 16
  • 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Who should attend:

This course is open to all teachers, administrators & support staff serving the ORR School District or Tabor Academy who desire increased knowledge with mindful awareness, social-emotional learning and stress management.

ORR Staff: please register through the ORR school district.


This program is FREE to participants.

Please Note: This program limited to teachers, administrators & support staff serving the ORR School District or Tabor Academy.

For More Information

Please contact L. Forest Malatesta, Director of Community Based Programming, at 508-398-0808 or via email at

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