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Bob's Run Around Cape Cod

UPDATE: Bob completed his run and was able to raise over $2,000 for Calmer Choice. Thanks to all for your support!

A letter From Calmer Choice instructor and long-time supporter, Bob Jensen...

"Hello, team of supportive friends!

Last year, as you may remember, I ran from my home in Cotuit to my childhood home in New Britain CT for my 65th birthday party! I ran 163 miles through 95° temperatures, 60% humidity, thunderstorms, and flooded roads.

"I ran through Eastern MA, RI, and Eastern CT, crossing the CT river on the ferry to Rocky Hill and ended in New Britain CT. It took 3 and a half days and, through your support, I raised around $4,000 dollars for Calmer Choice!"

Bob birthday party

I completed last year's run in one piece, ready for my birthday party!

I'm doing it all over again!

To raise money this year, just to make it more fun and epic, I am going to run around the periphery of Cape Cod. In other words, I am going to circumvent the Cape! The run will begin October 10th from my doorstep and I am hoping to complete by Columbus Day, October 14th.

I am calling again on friends and customers to help me to raise money for Calmer Choice who does such important work here on Cape. By sending your support today, you can help more kids.

Why Support Calmer Choice?

Calmer Choice is a prevention program for young people that integrates social-emotional learning, mindfulness training, brain science and wellness education in the classrooms of local schools. As many of you know, I have the privilege of being one of those instructors. It costs $1000 to provide this eight-week program to classrooms. Programs are paid for by a combination of fundraising (that would be you all!), grant writing efforts and direct financial support from schools themselves.

Some of the top challenges facing kids in this country are trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues. While Calmer Choice cannot change a person’s environment, we are committed to giving kids easy-to-learn tools and strategies to increase self-awareness and support emotional regulation. From their own experiences, kids increase their capacity to choose a thoughtful response to situations that they may face rather than react.

As expressed by a parent whose child was in one of the classes I taught...

One of the best things I could have ever done for myself and my child was learning more about what she was learning in school with Calmer Choice. We now know the same things being taught and we can use them together at home and in everyday life. There are times when I get a reminder from her to breathe and it makes me smile. We can talk to each other and help de-escalate situations. We understand those raw feelings that don’t always come up at the best of times and we are able get through them. It's like having our own secret language.”

Since Calmer Choice began in 2010, we have worked with over 32,000 students. Many of you have been part of making that happen! Please consider donating online today to help us reach even more students on Cape Cod.

Bob Jensen or as the kids call me, “Mr. Bob”

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